ATROPHIC VAGINITIS (vaginal dryness)

Vaginal dryness, vaginal thinning, and what is called “atrophy” are very common problems for menopausal women. Estrogens are responsible for the thickened, elastic, lubricated tissue of the vagina and vulva. When estrogen levels decline, the vulva loses its collagen, fat, and water-retaining ability. As a result, it becomes flattened, thin, and dry and loses tone. […]


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DETERMINING FERTILITY: The Ovulation Kit and Cervical Mucus Characteristics

Couples considering having a baby can utilize a home ovulation test kit supplied from a pharmacy in order to pinpoint the best time to conceive a child. The most fertile time for a woman is usually the first two weeks before her menses begin. At this time, the pituitary gland begins increasing production of luteinizing […]


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Overview Dysfunctional uterine bleeding (DUB) refers to irregular or heavy menstrual bleeding that occurs in the absence of an anatomical abnormality such as a tumor, fibroid, or other lesion. The majority of cases of DUB are associated with anovulatory bleeding, which is menstruation that occurs in the absence of ovulation. DUB is the most common […]


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